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March 12, 2011



Thanks for that story. I am glad to see that you are safe, being in that train underground and not knowing what was happening must have been terrifying.

Thanks for all the pictures. I are really happy to see how Japan has come together after this disaster and has not acted like a bunch of terrified looting idiots. (Which is what we do in the US.)


T walked home too? I feel so lucky having been so close to home...

I think people also comfort themselves when comforting the kids. It's the easiest way to take your mind off your own family and things out of your control -- kids are easier to calm down and seeing them happier makes u feel better too. At least that's why I ended up being super-calm, shussshing the ground and singing many silly songs during our little kindergarten-evacuation drill yesterday. :-)


Hi Lea, Can I use your account of what you saw for our news website Storyful? Thanks. Jenny


Jenny, you can use whatever you like as long as you post a link back here. I would stress though that my own story is by no means the worst of it; people up in Sendai, Fukushima etc. have it really bad right now.

Joy, if that was a drill i would hate to see the real deal.

Lonna, Thanks for your comment! I am really proud of Japan for the way this is being handled so far.

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