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May 13, 2008



Very true and very well put.

I do have to comment on the title though...

I majored in Photojournalism for my under-grad degree. In that field, there is a big moral question about times when you can either take the shot, or help the person. Luckily, there are times you can do both, but at others, there are times when taking the shot can save many more lives (by alerting the world to situations). It's a very difficult one and to be honest, the reason why I didn't go into the field in the end.


I agree, Melanie...I feel that there are more people willing to make money off the suffering of others than those who truly care about their plight.

It's a sad, upsetting and frustrating reality.


So noted. Profanities altered. Have a nice day.


Point of pedantry, the impressive-sounding 6.8 earthquake last week was some way out to sea, if it had happened directly under Tokyo we would probably still be pulling each other out from beneath fallen utility poles while the Japanese government debates whether to let in Chinese search and rescue teams.


Penguin, I didn`t write anything about Tokyo specifically. The 6.8 occurred just off Ibaraki, where it was a great deal stronger than it was in the capital. I hear people live up there too.

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