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May 08, 2008



I haven't experienced a quake yet, do they happen in Osaka? In any case, I'm just glad there were no deaths or bad injuries. Oh, and welcome back to Japan ^-^.

Chris (i-cjw.com)

First quake in my new apartment. I don't think we stopped moving for a minute or more. I'm beginning to wonder if living on the 29th floor of a tower built on reclaimed land in the bay was such a smart idea after all...

BTW I have your book on order from Amazon & am looking forward to reading it.


Ohh.. that sounds like a scary one. Oh, and I'm really enjoying your book ;)

Hyung Lee


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Adrienne Jenkins

Very few firsthand accounts were published in the U.S. especially since the China earthquake trumped Tokyo but it doesn't make your experience any less threatening. Thanks for taking the time to document the experience. An excerpt from your blog has been linked on Squidoo.

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