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April 09, 2008



Next time someone in Japan asks you if you've owned a gun, ask that person if he/she has every chopped a family member, roommate, or friend up with an axe and disposed of the body parts in various places around the city.

I mean, Jeezus Christ!


Just out of interest, will you be marrying a Japanese person or a gaijin person?


Best of luck in your travels and your wedding!

It's so funny about the Japanese perception about Americans all owning guns. NY and the NYC area gets a bad rep everywhere -- I was in this really rough area of San Diego about 2 years ago at an AA meeting and I met this guy who was, well, a thug who had tattoo all over, including his face and had done serious jail time. When he heard I lived in New Jersey, he said he was afraid to go to New Jersey, that he'd heard it was too dangerous to go out there. I about fell over laughing. He was serious, this 6 foot plus 250 pound or more man to me just over 5 feet and less than 100 lbs.

Thanks for tagging me with the meme, btw. That was a fun one to do.

I can't wait to get your book next week.


Safe travels and congratulations on the wedding, will be patiently awaiting your return~ ^_^


I got your book today! I am going to read it all tonight...or hopefully this weekend. Congratulations on the wedding!


Good luck with your travels! I wish you much peace as your journey back to the states.

I just finished reading your book a couple days ago. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. What an insightful treat of a read. The personal wisdom and growth combined with such cultural revelations worked seamlessly.

Of course, Congratulations! A book AND a wedding! Way to go!


Yay! I finished it just now. And I laughed a lot and was concerned a lot throughout about the character, or you. ;) Good Luck on your new life!


Just purchased your book! :) Gonna read the blog now too.


I remember the last time I was in Japan, my cousins asked me if we had bars on all our windows and if we owned guns!!! Gosh, what DOES the news in Japan say about the US?? Well, I guess we are a bit crazy with the shooting...tee hee


LOL. this is too funny.

New York has the most restrictive gun ownership laws in the US and the highest crime rate. Why? because only the criminals have guns, and the citizens are defenseless prey.

Truth is that every state over the past 30 years that has passed a concealed carry handgun law about 35 of them, crime rates have gone DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

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