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March 12, 2008



Oh my God, I would HATE that. The noise the crap interfering with my view. I would draw a pretty picture of a park or a beach and put it in my window. LOL.


No need to be cheeky. Many Japanese construction companies, such as the one I work for, gain much of their revenue through overseas projects funded by the Japanese Government (referred to as ODA, or Official Development Assistance). We've built wharves, roads, bridges, and more all over Asia and the Pacific.

Your pictures of the building construction are likely not public works projects. My guess is that they are privately funded. But that street construction certainly is. I think every square inch of Tokyo's asphalt gets turned over at least once a year!


"Dogs and Demons" by Alex Kerr has some particulary depressing descriptions of the Japanese "construction" industry. You never know, that building that's just coming down might be standing on the site of your district's shiny new ふれあいセンター or geta museum!

Wouldn't be so bad if there was some coordinated plan behind it all to make the place look nicer in general. They should slip the people who make concrete utility poles a few billion yen to convert their processes to making sub-surface conduits; there'd be enough work for generations actually burying all those cables.

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