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February 01, 2008



I was JUST looking at those exact same ads last night. They're fricken everywhere and its pissing me off!

Chris B

pinkshinepink is one of my students.


A doo

Not sure what your random insights are about..
You're a prozzie whether you like it or not..

You wanna badge.


Are you just trying to understand yourself......

tokyo cowgirl

A Doo has some serious problems, least of all being his incessant use of ellipsis in lieu of any actual wit.

Why do people take our humor so seriously when we poke fun at the undeniably ridiculous Western male/woefully impressionable Japanese female personals?


And WTF is a prozzie?

Angel Dimitrov

Hi ! My name is Angel Dimitrov from Bulgaria.
I play balkan rock music. Do you want play to your festival ? Listen this album please !


>.<;; "prozzie" is Scots slang for prostitute XD


Ok, I am SO busted!...the only reason I propitiously stumbled here, was due precisely to the type of clicking identified. What I discover is some remarkably engaging writing, which exposes this incongruous phenomenon, in a penetrating but strangely affable manor ...i.e. I'm a little embarrassed but not mortified. The question is... "Self-Respect and Honor" or a Young Impressionable Japanese Bride...hmmm, food for thought. Well, I better get back to my love note to Natsuki.

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