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December 19, 2007



Not only Japan, the whole world is full of sick elements, just take a look at US crime rate and neonazism in German.


Indeed, the japanese has yet to learn to interact with foreigners in their country.

One my first day in a Toyko hotel, I asked the door-man for advise abt getting around the neighbourhood. He listened to me with bowed head n didnt utter a word in return. It was awkward n embarassing (him losing face, no doubt). I finally left the hotel with their calling card in case I lost my way in the myriads of this big city.

Times r changing for the worse if the neighbourhood police cared not a hoot abt the missing girl in the poster. They were once the ear-n-eye, as well keeping their turf safe for the residents.

It is equally sad n callous when society looked the other way where the plights of child prostitution r concerned.

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