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November 01, 2007



Well WTF, sounds like there's demand for teachers, sounds like there's a supply of teachers. Why don't a few enterprising folks launch new language schools like right this minute? Is it hard to start a business in Japan?

think about it

Sounds like a good idea, starting a school with the teachers available. Would you explain how teachers are supposed to survive in what would be at least a couple of month before such an organization could be set up? A foreign worker has to have a sponsor to remain in the country, renting an apartment requires much more in the way of upfront payments than in the U.S. (why NOVA arranged lodging) and current landlords are talking eviction at the end of November...and you can't expect them to allow people to live rent-free in their buildings. Longer term, yeah, new schools will be set up and established firms will take up the slack. But for the teachers, the need is NOW. The Japanese government muffed this by not acting soon enough, and then acting too harshly when it finally did. Everybody loses.


3rd november!!!??? 10 months behind you, another anniversary - way to go Lea!!!! great work!

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