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September 17, 2007


lucies dad

My little girl is a soft, genial, ordinary girl and it is hartbreaking to see her being tossed in the air and torn apart by these wolves. All I can see is that they make a massive attempt to excempt themselves from the quilt of what has been done to Lucie, and what was being done to other girls - and pobably still is. Japanese society has a very sick element to it, and their normal society is too gutless to face up to it and do something about it. I can't read Lucies diary through - it is desparately upsetting. I tried to persuade her over the phone to her "shithouse" to come home, or go on to family in Sydney, but she said she could not let Louise down!! and look how her friend Louise let her down. All I can hope is thet The Lucie Blackman Trust can get funded and grow to give advice ad protection to other Lucies.


Lucie's diary is so upsetting. I have a male friend who seems to idealize Japan as this genteel, beautiful place, but I think it is because it is perfect for white males. I have a hard time reconciling his view with stories like these.

Thank you, Lea, for sharing this. Even though it breaks my heart.

Matt, Lucie Blackman Trust

Hi there,
The link to the Lucie Blackman trust is not working. It is www.lucieblackmantrust.org

Thanks and stay safe,

Matt x

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