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September 24, 2007



Poor fella.


Hell of it is, I doubt the way I drank, I could have done what they do. Getting paid to drink and attempt to be socially correct even in a host club, nope, wouldn't have worked. I doubt the clients would approve of me throwing up on their shoes, so I didn't die of alcohol poisoning every night/day. Not real good for return customers either, good for bar business though. Ah yes, the good ol days, how I miss it, not. It was an ugly world and I'm not going back.



I'm glad you were able to get this on camera.


Did you ever see The Great Happiness Space? I would like to know what the hosts are up to now. What does a Host do after he decides to quit the job? What do Hostesses do?


How is it that Japanese men drink so much ?

I used to work with 3 Japanese colleagues n they seemed to live on a liquid diet. After-work cocktails always ended up with them either puking or making a nuisance of themselves. My dutch colleagues can hold their drinks better, besides, they do't over-do it n embarassed themselves !

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