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August 23, 2007



I just don't even have a comment - other than a prayer that this TREND doesn't visit the States!!!


From the land where woman are called "baby machines"? This is very cross cultural, not as apparent maybe to most as this is. But it has been around for a very very long time. The sexual kink side, well, to some it really is a life style with consent, that's their gig, not mine. I detest the roots of where this generaly comes from, however, but it wasn't their fault in the vast majority of the cases. That some can walk further in life with any feeling at all, amazes me. The occasional, let's do something a little different tonight honey, fine by me, not really into dresses, but I'll try almost anything once. Might be hard to find a size that fits's, think we'll have to get inventive, thanks for the idea though.

I would have thought the bar hostess outfits to be somewhat viewed the same as you do this. Even if they were to be more traditional in style, the idea of the location they were used in, the class, the station. Interesting. I have a lot to learn, that's for sure.

That this type of thing is becoming a fad, can very often be a reflection of the stress of the times. The depression era in the States would be a good example. The popular movies of the times, very often showed the rich, with the maids and the mansions filled to the hilt, gowns flowed with wasted material. While the price of a ticket was a huge thing for that moment of escape.


So bizarre.
Not much more to say than that.


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I was recently trying to explain to a Japanese friend how maidos come across to westerness that are not fans of anime and cosplay and you're entry here was of great value.

It more or less equals my first reaction when I came across it. ;)

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