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August 09, 2007



Wow, Japan is so odd. I had no idea.

If I ever travel to Japan in the summertime with my wife, I'm investing in a taser. Not going to feel sorry at all for the Salaryman that gropes my wife.


I find the advertisements for the girlie magazines highly offensive and think the train companies should be sued for sexual harrassment.


ps. I also thought I was a fool for reading that same article all the way through to the end.


I would've stopped reading. I get way too pissed off.

H. Craig Bradley

In close quarters and when dealing with the public, you have to put up with a lot of people who smell, have bad breath, or are otherwise disagreeable. However, there are some appropriate maneuvers you may take to protect yourself.
Last summer, I was attending a movie at a nearby United Artists Theater (Regal Cinemas) and was “groped” on the head by an old geezer trying to find a seat after the movie had started. Here is a technique which worked for me:

Grip the suspect firmly, but gently, by the fingertips of the offending hand and move it laterally away and to the side of you. At the same time, give a verbal command not to touch my head (in this case). If the individual is smart, that is the end of it. If, on the other hand (no pun intended), there is any argument, just raise the fingertips upward until the “offender” feels some pain.

Repeat as necessary. Now, if there is any effort to force the matter, who is in control? Incidentally, a petit woman or short guy could affect the same deterrent on a larger person using the fingertip hold just described. It is quite effective. The more force the other person exhibits, the more force you are legally empowered to deliver in return.The object is to make the offender cease and desist, not necessarily say “uncle”. Let the police do the rest if they are around at the time (usually they are not).

Women need to learn how to physically get the upper hand and sense when a given tactic is practical and when it isn’t. I am not sure anything is practical when you are sardined into one another in a crowed train or subway. To a certain extent, you take your chances anytime you go out “on the street”.

White Chikan

I'm a Chikan and I love be a in that way. Why you don't write about the Chijos and the thousands of girls around the world who loves be touch it?
Be Chikan its great!


I would carry a cattle prodder - it's his stick or mine, isn't it ?

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