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July 03, 2007


Meg Moran

why can;t I get my comments to post? fuck fuck fuck


Recently when I was back in Australia I picked up a high-circulation fashion magazine where the "journalist" wrote about Japanese women and sex. They claimed that many women here are paying men for sex so that they can loose their virginity. They also claimed that most Japanese women walk the streets with oversized grandma undies hanging out over their skirts in order to attract men! What the??? It was just such crap! Then to support their claims of how perverted they thought the Japanese were, they went on about love hotels and referred to them as brothels.

I think foreign publications love to portray Japan as a sick, twisted perverted place and they really need to get their facts straight.

Love your blog by the way!


Actually, if you reread your post, you really are trying to defend hostess culture, mostly by claiming that the 'dark side' of it isn't hostessing at all, but in truth as long as there are hostesses, there will always be women who cross the line for more money while hoping that their boss won't find out, or places where being a 'hostess' has several levels of meaning. You may have worked in place where the management never expected you to have sex with a customer, but you're surely not trying to claim that after you talked with him, flirted with him, and filled him with alcohol (and it's not like it takes a lot to get a j-guy drunk) that you never had a customer who did? And you may never have taken an offer, but do you seriously not know any woman who did, or was seriously tempted to? If so, your experience is pretty different to other women I know who've worked in that industry. My point is that I know there are legitimate hostess bars where the women ONLY hostess, but it's definitely an industry that lends itself to a more skeazy side emerging for one kind of hostess to provide what the others don't. And those women being called hostesses as well, is kind of inevitable. The paper should have given a balanced report and acknowledged properly that the places turning Morgan down were probably also providing better, safer working conditions, but their warnings aren't completely unfounded - not as long as there are women without the right kind of visa that might make a stupid decision if they're aren't aware of just how bad parts of the hostessing world are.


Hiya, I noticed how you mentioned about the reputable hostess bars. I have been offered so many jobs and told so many stories, but I've had quite a few encounters in Japan already and I know I can take care of myself. However I would really appreciate it if you could recommend some classier places, I dont want to end up like the woman in this article haha. Love the blog by the way, great to finally see some positive perspective on hostessing!

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