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July 22, 2007



I've been following your blog. Interesting... I've been trying to break into that world as well, but it's probably twenty times more likely in Tokyo than in Kyushu. Don't downplay it, though - pays the bills and makes for an interesting story. Though once you become famous, that clip will be played nonstop for everyone's amusement. :)


How interesting :)

Where can one find such "talent agencies"?
Sounds like a nice and easy way to make an extra buck along with my studies.


Two good agencies are "Junes" http://www.junes.co.jp/html/englishmenu.html and "Group Echo" (0368047677, [email protected], ask for Hikaru or Rie). Group Echo has free registration but Junes charges 1000 yen to register. 1000 yen is not that much though.

I strongly do NOT recommend an agency called "Office Marika" or "Japan Dance Art," which she also runs. Marika is certifiably batshit.

Gomen ne Turner, these are all in Tokyo. . .

Meg Moran

this is all quite hilarious!! and a chance for you to not only make $$ but prcatice some patience and tolerance... I am sooooo laughing!!!!


You are so amusing!
It'll be nice if you tape it and upload it for us to see =).


Here is a bigger list of agencies out there. Maybe I'll see you in the trenches!


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