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June 29, 2007



Great pics. I think we should have more parades for random reasons here (although NYC seems to have plenty of those & cause traffic issues).

I announced to my son the other day that I wanted to be a crotchety old lady just for the heck of it. But then again, I've also announced I wanted to be a dotty old lady too. I think in my old age I want to be whatever I feel like being, so long as I am having fun. But then, now that I think about it, why wait until I am old.

No time like the present :D Think anyone in my little town will call the white jackets if I dyed my hair purple and I boogied like those little Japanese ladies? I think it'd be a hoot to go for it. Anyone want to join me? I'm giggling just thinking of doing it. (OK, I really am crazy. Thanks for the laugh, Lea. It's a good thing I quit drinking or I really would be arrested.)


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