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October 13, 2008



Love this! I once sat beside a guy who was watching some fairly graphic porn on his phone. It would be a great addition to this list but alas I didn't get the shot.


I'm sure they will have a manner's poster about this eventually as well.


My mom ran into your dad the other day, who mentioned you were blogging from Japan...and i *think* this may be it.
How are things?!! I see you wrote a book -- how cool! E-mail me sometime -- daniellez023@gmail.com

In PAPATREE solidarity,

john turningpin

The last one was my favorite, having alredy blogged about this particular flavor of perv. (Plus, you know, a well-placed F-bomb is just flat-out funny.) But they all gave me a good laugh.

koenji live

One of the best posts I've read for a long time.
It's a messed up country for sure.

I doubt they will ever make a poster about reading (soft)porn on the train, as they just want to target individuals, not large, mega-bucks publishing companies who sell it.
Big business in advertising it on the train for Tokyo Metro.
I'm sure there's some irony in there somewhere.

The posters are funny in a no-one-gives-a-shit kind of way.
I wonder if the Japanese have a laugh at them...

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