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January 31, 2008



It's always good to be able to look back and see how much we've grown. ^_^ ~ however a lot more people are going to be able to see yours!~


I don't know-- I'm not a drunk 25 year old but I've been called self-absorbed my fair share. My favorite is when people say I should take myself/everything less seriously. It reminds me of a favorite quote of Susan Sontag's-- "Imagine telling Shakespeare to relax" (Elias Canetti). Not that you, me, Sontag or Canetti are Shakespeares-- but the point is, we ::should:: take our ideas seriously. And the thing about memoir-writing is that the ideas are all yours, and are about your life. So don't listen to the haters. Just keep learning and reflecting about whatever you think is important.


Congratulations. You can be very proud of yourself. You dont lack the strength that most alcoholics do

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