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August 08, 2007



I saw yesterday on the Today show that people in China eat them (the cicadas) --- are they sold as food in Japan?


I tell you what, if I only have 7 days to live after spending 7 years underground, I'll be screaming my head off too. Something along the lines of "Yeah! Out of the ground, yo! Whee!" Then go around stirring up trouble and just being a menace, enjoying my time out in the world.

Or maybe it'll be better to do something more lasting to better the world and leave behind a legacy instead of just being a little anonymous blip in the timeline of history.

I initially tried to get all this down to 17 syllables, but I'm no haiku master either. I tried even just three lines. But ended up settling for three paragraphs.


MM: not that I know of. I ate a candied grasshopper once though. It was a sort of delicacy...

THW: who knows, maybe you could fly head on into the face of the next Hitler, causing a chain reaction that ends in his plunging off of a cliff. . . like in a bugs bunny cartoon.

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